copy/clone GPT partition scheme from one hard disk to another

As we know, sfdisk doesn’t support gpt partition tables, instead sfdisk we can use gdisk tool.

yum install gdisk

[root@localhost ~]# sgdisk --backup=sdc.back /dev/sdc
The operation has completed successfully.

[root@localhost ~]# sgdisk --load-backup=sdc.back /dev/sde
The operation has completed successfully.

[root@localhost ~]# sgdisk -G /dev/sde

Migrate to raid0 in MacOS X

I decide to migrate my workstation to raid0, to get better performance.I used Carbon Copy Cloner software, to backup my current installation on another hdd.After that boot with installation disk ( in my case I boot installation over the network) and create stripped array ( it has to consist of two hard drives).I restored my installation over the raid0 array with firewire cable and carbon copy cloner, it works perfectly!!!

I run benchmark utility and here are the results.

Hard disk speed before raid array


The new raid0 array
stripped array

Now, the disk speed is improved


My workstation

Cloning Mac OS X system to new hard drive using FireWire cable


First connect your Source and Target Mac’s with Firewire cable.
Power on the Target Mac and hold on T key to boot in FireWire target disk mode.
On the Source machine will appear the new hard drive, erase it from the Disk Utility tool.Now run the Carbon Copy Cloner tool
and select your source and destination drives, and clone :)) . Download the Carbon Copy Cloner from here.